CIAL Integrated Terminal Project - Apron Airside Works

In 2010, Isaac Construction was appointed by CIAL and Project Manager Coffey Projects to complete the airside apron works for the new Christchurch International-Domestic Terminal project.  This project was staged over three years to extremely tight deadlines and complex, international airport specifications.

Works included 80,000m2 of new and resurfaced pavement, installation of airside infrastructure including water main, 11kV line, storm water system with concrete drainage structures, fabrication and construction of a covered pedestrian walkway, floodlighting, NIGS gantry, AGL and aircraft hard stands, bollards and baseplates.

The project ran under an NEC3 Target Cost Contract with the intention of producing a partnering style and collaborative approach to project management ensuring an optimum outcome for the client.

Isaac Construction worked closely with both Coffeys Projects and CIAL to develop and refine 5 primary airside staging plans with a number of sub-stages.  It was essential the airport remain fully operational throughout construction which required considerable cooperation and coordination between all parties working on the site (Beca, CIAL, Coffey, Hawkins, Mainzeal) to ensure a successful outcome.