Clearwater Resort LTD

Development of a 27 lot subdivision within the Clearwater Resort adjacent to the 10th-12th golf fairways.  Work was completed in two stages, the first to be completed in time for NZ Golf Open Tournament on 1st - 4th December, 2012.

Construction commenced with excavation and earthworks to meet seismic requirements, followed by placement and compaction of 20,000 m3 ‘cut to fill’ and 20,000 m3 of imported fill, along with the installation of geogrid reinforcement.  Other activities included stripping turf and vegetation, reusing topsoil, trenching and excavation for services, installation and commissioning of a pump station, de-watering, construction of roads, golf cart tracks and footpaths, topsoiling and grassing to Clearwater Golf Course, which was to remain operational at all times throughout construction.

First stage works included 22 lots in the north area which required re-compaction of existing fill and 5 lots in the south area, requiring substantial imported fill. During the second stage the lake edges of the north area were excavated 10m back from the water’s edge and rebuilt with 3 layers of geogrid and imported crushed gravel. Critical stage one works programme was achieved so that topsoil and grassing was complete in time for NZ Golf Open tournament 1st - 4th December.