Lichfield Street Upgrade - Durham to Colombo Street

The Lichfield Street Upgrade from Durham Street to Colombo Street’s purpose was to align with the “An Accessible City” concept.  This project included a full road reconstruction of approximately 2500m2 to be completely redesigned and to fall in the opposite direction as well as new kerb and channels including raise parking bays.  The upgrade of the footpath and commercial crossing in included 1500m2 piazza and Holland pavers.  Eighteen grated trees, two rain gardens, bins and timber seating formed part of the Landscape.  

Isaac Construction was also involved in service alterations, a major watermain, fibre, telecom, power, street lights, phone booths and drainage upgrades. 

We managed the many service alterations that were often not in our original scope or plans and on short but urgent notice. This involved liaising with and partnering City Care, Orion, Enable, Chorus, Vodafone, Spark, Contact Energy, Connetics and subcontractors of those companies. These works often changed our work sequence as we constantly tried to minimise any critical path delays by attacking different work fronts and assisting with the service alterations.