Major Cycle Route (MCR) Little River - Wrights Road to Moorhouse

Isaac were approached to build a section of the Little River Link that connect areas in the South-West to the central city (as shown in the image above). The new cycleway runs from Moorhouse Avenue through Church Square to Barrington Street. There are cycle crossings over Wrights Road and Lincoln Road where they intersect with the southern motorway.

The project involved upgrading two existing major traffic signal intersections, the installation of two new sets of traffic signals, 1,300m of kerb, 400m of cycleway low profile kerb and channel, and the construction of 5,500m2 of new cycleway along with the associated stormwater, watermain and carriageway alterations. A roundabout was removed and reconstructed and three cobbled intersections were completed. Also, a 25m tall communications tower was installed.