NZTA Waiau Ferry Bluff Safety Barrier

This project is located at the immediate north of Waiau Ferry Bluff Bridge on SH7a in Hanmer Springs. The goal for this project was to improve road safety by constructing road barriers along a narrow section of road with a sharp drop to the river.

Scopes of works was to repair a damaged crib wall, construct multiple layers of gabion baskets and a concrete nib and install guardrails. The project was carried out under well-managed cost reimbursed basis. The image at right shows the pre-construction condition of the site.

As an experienced contractor, we knew the key to project success would be working flexibly to accommodate design changes, given there were a large number of uncertainties at the planning stage.

To ensure we could respond to these expected changes, we ensured the crew we assigned to the project had all been through comprehensive training and were experienced in building gabion baskets and other retaining structures at height.