Project overview

Location Prestons Zone Station to the new Blakes Roads Zone Station

Project Stage 15 February 2021

Date of completion 30 July 2021

Project Information

Isaac Construction was appointed by Orion who intends to install a 66kV cable circuit between Orion’s Marshland Substation, located on Prestons Road to our future Belfast Substation, located on Blakes Road. The cable route will mainly run through suburban streets within the roadway. The route is approximately 4,215 metres in length and divided into 6 stages. The section which crosses the Styx river bridge will be completed last and is likely to be delayed due to the local council carrying out upgrades to the Styx river bridge.

Scope of works

The scope of work and activities includes:

  • Production and implementation of a Site Management Plan for the works, including traffic
  • management, fencing, and associated approvals from Christchurch City Council & NZTA.
  • Setting out of all works by a Registered Surveyor, including verifying locations and levels of
  • existing services and features in the areas of work.
  • Identification of all underground and above ground services within 10m of the works and
  • physical location (exposure) of all underground and above ground services within 3m of the
  • works.
  • Confirmation of existing service types, sizes, materials, layouts and protection requirements
  • prior to commencement of works along the cable route. Services including wastewater, stormwater, water utilities, power cables, communications cables, fibre optic cables, overhead lines, private wastewater and private stormwater pipes.
  • Protection of existing services.
  • Erosion and sediment control in accordance with the consent conditions provided by the Environment Canterbury Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines and Christchurch City
  • Council Construction Standard Specification (CCC CSS) requirements.
  • Design, construction, maintenance, monitoring and removal on completion of the contract of all temporary works. This includes all shoring for excavations, dewatering arrangements,
  • protection and temporary diversion of services.
  • Earthworks necessary for the works including excavation, cut to waste, backfilling and compaction of existing site material plus imported fill material. Any suitable surplus material shall be disposed of as part of the overall earthworks management for the site.
  • Reinstatement of all affected areas including but not limited to roads, access roads, haul roads, footpaths, berms, street furniture, trees, planted areas, stream banks and riparian vegetation and any private properties to the standard specified in the NCoP Utilities.
  • Preparation and supply of detailed as-built drawings.
  • Supply of all materials, tools, plant, labour and supervision necessary for construction of the Works in accordance with Orion and CCC CSS requirements.

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