Like any construction company, our shop window is the projects that we are involved in. From the initial planning to the final handover our work is very visible, ensuring that everything we do is in keeping with our values. We are very proud of the work we are doing, some of which is listed below.


Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream (CNC) Package 1

St Albans, Christchurch

The purpose of this project was to upgrade and prepare Cranford Street and Sherborne Street (together with some adjoining side streets and key intersections) for the opening of the new northern motorway and subsequent increase in traffic volumes onto this road network in the district of St Albans in Christchurch.

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Rolleston Town Centre Upgrade

Tennyson Street and Markham Way, Rolleston

Rolleston has been one of the fastest-growing towns in New Zealand, and the Rolleston Town Centre is a key project for Selwyn's district to cater to this growth.

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