One of our core values is; A place where people matter. We hold this value close to our heart, and actively participate in our local communities wherever we are based, through both the Isaac & Simcox brands.

Crusaders & Highlanders sponsorships

Isaac are proud to be known as the Civil Construction Partners of the Crusaders & Highlanders. These two sponsorships allow us to engage with our communities around the South Island, particularly with local school groups.

Both teams help us to sponsor local rugby initiatives like rip rugby, player visits to schools in the communities we work in, and even assist us with planting days at our Christchurch head office!

Christchurch City Mission

We actively assist the Christchurch City Mission throughout the year. Some of the ways we have assisted are; engagement with their work programmes, lending tools and staff to build community gardens, holding fundraiser BBQ's, and our CEO Jeremy Dixon recently participated in the Bayley's Plate Up For A Purpose charity event, raising over $20,000 for school children in need.