Our paving crews are perfectly placed to assist on projects of any size. We carry out high quality work across anything from residential driveways, council owned footpaths, private carparks, to multilane highways.

We use a range of modern road pavers in our fleet, and all are capable of laying both base course and asphalt which results in an increase in productivity for our clients. An additional feature of our pavers is a specialised extendable arm allowing our teams to pave at widths of 7.5m, minimising visible joins. As a part of our own quality assurance procedure, we produce paving run plans for each site to be discussed and agreed with you, prior to work starting. This will include strategically placing hot and cold joints where it will ensure less impact on the traffic wheel path.

Projects we work on:

  • Pothole & general asphalt repairs
  • Footpath construction and reinstatement
  • Asphalt road construction
  • Residential & commercial carparks
  • Commercial depots & driveways
  • Rubberised asphalt crack sealing
  • Asphalt rejuvenation