The Isaac Laboratory is a well-established, materials testing laboratory that has been part of the roading and construction industry for over 30 years, providing quality assurance and testing to meet local council, Waka Kotahi NZTA and project specifications.

We are IANZ accredited to NZS/ISO/IEC 17025, covering mechanical test sections on:

  • 4.01 - Aggregates
  • 4.02 - Bituminous Materials
  • 4.08 - Soils
  • 4.15 - Seconded Sampling

Our staff are passionate about all aspects of civil construction quality assurance and testing and have a vast technical knowledge of both local council and Waka Kotahi NZTA specifications.

The Isaac Laboratory can facilitate testing for all civil construction and roading projects, from residential building foundations to large scale NZTA projects. Testing includes but is not limited to:

Aggregates and Soils (eg. NZTA M/4 AP40, AP65, in-situ soils)

  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD)
  • Maximum Dry Density (MDD)/ Optimum Moisture Content (OMC)
  • Broken Face Content

Asphalt (NZTA M/10, M27 and Contract Specific)

  • Binder content and Grading
  • Air void content (Plant produced asphalt and in-situ asphalt)
  • Asphalt Mix Design
  • Bulk Specific Gravity and Density

Field Testing

  • Nuclear Density Meter (NDM) Testing
  • Thinlift (on-site asphalt air voids)
  • Scala Penetrometer
  • Clegg Impact Value
  • Test Pits
  • Sampling of aggregates

Bitumen Sprayer Calibration (CCNZ BPG02: 2019)

  • CCNZ TE01: 2020 Spray Distribution Test
  • CCNZ TE03: 2020 Dipstick Verification
  • CCNZ TE04: 2020 Speed Control Verification

To help assist clients with project specific Quality Assurance, we provide tailored Inspection Test Plans (ITP) with technical advice and recommendations, ensuring specification testing requirements are known prior to project commencement.

As well as IANZ accreditation, the Isaac Laboratory is affiliated with the Civil Testing Association of New Zealand (CETANZ) and Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ)

Quality Assurance and Testing is a vital part to any project and business. When you work with the Isaac Laboratory you are guaranteed an efficient and reliable service, with sound technical advice and troubleshooting, saving you time, money and resources.