About us

We’re a civil construction company first and foremost. We work with councils, developers and business owners on a daily business to meet their construction needs in many ways. Our offering is so broad we can offer almost every aspect of a project in-house.

Since the beginning we have been focussed on remaining at the forefront of civil construction across the South Island and we can now provide services across the entire spectrum of works. Our teams can assist with the following skills;

  • Civil construction
  • Road construction & maintenance
  • Project management
  • Paving
  • Sealing
  • Traffic Management
  • Fleet & transport
  • Engineering
  • Laboratory testing
  • Asphalt supply
  • Quarry supplies

View our latest projects

Lichfield to Colombo Street 1

Lichfield Street Upgrade


The Lichfield Street upgrade from Durham Street to Colombo Street’s purpose was to align with the city councils “An Accessible City” concept.

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Tuam Manchester Lichfield Steet completed

Tuam, Manchester and Lichfield Street Upgrade

Christchurch Central City

Isaac's involvement on this project was in a head contractor capacity, leading the upgrade of Tuam, Manchester and Lichfield Streets.

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Kilmore completed

Kilmore Street Reconstruction


The Kilmore Street reconstruction works formed part of the Central City Transport Recovery programme and involved a complete street upgrade from Colombo Street to Durham Street North and a part upgrade of the five-way intersection where Kilmore Street meets Durham Street North.

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