We can’t talk about the work we do without first talking about where we’ve come from and what sets us apart.

Formed by Sir Neil and Lady Diana Isaac who were brought together by a shared passion for wildlife and the environment, the Isaac’s vision to combine construction and conservation began to take shape, and after formation in the early 1950's our development was bolstered by a number of key projects.

During those days, Isaac Construction was focused on earthmoving, road construction and civil construction projects throughout Canterbury and on the West Coast. Achievements included work on the runways at Christchurch Airport which enabled its international capabilities, as well as the initial construction of Mount Cook Village and work on Cathedral Square paving.

Following these successes, in 1957 Sir Neil made the decision to quarry material from the homestead while tendering for the construction of Memorial Avenue. Located near the site, the decision made perfect sense. After looking back on the spaces left across the landscape, Sir Neil and Lady Isaac were inspired to give back something that could provide for more than themselves, this legacy continues on today through the work of the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.

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