Project overview

Location George Street, Dunedin

Project Stage In Progress

Date of completion May 2024


This contract is for the significant upgrade of 3-water services, utilities, pavements and streetscape works through George Street in Dunedin between Moray Place and Albany Street. This section of George Street spans four city blocks and includes the upgrade of five intersections. The scope has been adjusted through the design phase to now include Filluel Street, London Street and Great King Street. This is an ECI design and build contract, with physical works starting in October 2021, following the design work starting in September 2019. It is included here, in an abbreviated format, to provide evidence award of a contract to the Isaac Group of a significant size/ quantum of works, by a local government client.

This is a technically complex project which involves large-scale drainage renewals (pipe sizes ranging from 225 -1650 diameter) to improve the capacity of the stormwater and wastewater networks and provide a further 50-100 years of serviceable life to the assets. The scope also includes full replacement and some capacity upgrades of all watermains, water laterals, and upgrade of the installation of new RPZ units. We will perform a range of works to upgrade the pipe size (install higher quality materials, and line pipes which are at end of life) and improve the catchment of surface water and transfer to the underground network to reduce flooding events. Also within the scope is the full renewal of George Street with decorative paving, installation of bespoke paving designs in footpath areas, bespoke street art and street furniture; and playground construction, all undertaken within Dunedin’s highly trafficked CBD.