Like any construction company, our shop window is the projects that we are involved in. From the initial planning to the final handover our work is very visible, ensuring that everything we do is in keeping with our values. We are very proud of the work we are doing, some of which is listed below.


Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream (CNC) Package 1

St Albans, Christchurch

The purpose of this project was to upgrade and prepare Cranford Street and Sherborne Street (together with some adjoining side streets and key intersections) for the opening of the new northern motorway and subsequent increase in traffic volumes onto this road network in the district of St Albans in Christchurch.

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Canterbury Prisons Infrastructure Upgrade: Rolleston Prison, Christchurch Women's Prison and Christchurch Men's Prisons


Urgent increased capacity was required in prisons across New Zealand.

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1 Centre left Mc Beath Ave Greenpark Pablo Place walkway Centre Right Pablo Place

Major Cycle Route – Nor’West Arc Section 1a

Cashmere Road to Annex Road Underpass

Te Ara O-Rakipaoa Nor’West Arc is part of a city-wide cycling network easing the pressure on our roads and making it safer and easier for everyone get around. A large part of the cycleway is a greenway where people driving and cycling share the road space, while there are separated paths through Centennial Park and a separated cycleway along Domain Terrace.

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Innovating Streets for People – Ferry Road Cycle Connection

Ferry Road between Fitzgerald Avenue and St Asaph Street

Ferry Road cycle connection creates a safer street environment between the existing cycle path on St Asaph Street and the east end of Ferry Road using a new type of cycleway design.

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Kaiata Water Supply

Kaiata, West Coast, South Island

Isaac Construction has recently completed the installation of 6.5 kilometres of watermain and submain from Omoto to Kaiata, which is just inland of Greymouth on the West Coast.

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Slips and Trips – Landscape Improvements

University of Otago, Dunedin

As part of a larger ongoing Landscape improvement project, the University of Otago's vision to provide continuity and slip resistance of the paved pedestrian routes provides more logical and direct wayfinding. It enhances the aesthetics of one of the iconic landmarks of Dunedin city.

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Tennyson Street and Rolleston Drive Intersection Upgrade

Tennyson Street and Markham Way, Rolleston

Rolleston has been one of the fastest-growing towns in New Zealand, and the Rolleston Town Centre is a key project for Selwyn's district to cater to this growth.

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Dunedin Peninsula Connection SP 7

Peninsula and Portobello Road

The Peninsula Connection was a road widening, pedestrian, cyclist, and safety improvements project undertaken across 26km of the Dunedin Peninsula between Portsmouth Drive and the Royal Albatross Centre Dunedin Harbour Mouth.

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MCR Little

Major Cycle Routes Christchurch City Council


In 2015 CCC approved thirteen major cycle routes delivered over a seven-year period. A network of Major Cycle Routes is being built connecting suburbs, shopping areas, businesses, and schools. The new cycleways offer safe and direct routes around the city, help to reduce congestion and make our city a greener, healthier place to live.

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