Like any construction company, our shop window is the projects that we are involved in. From the initial planning to the final handover our work is very visible, ensuring that everything we do is in keeping with our values. We are very proud of the work we are doing, some of which is listed below.

Drone overview of Rolleston project Brad Lightfoot

Rolleston Town Centre Transport and Infrastructure Stage 1, 2 & Youth Zone

Rolleston Town Centre

Continuing from the successful delivery of Stage 1, Isaac’s were awarded Stage 2 development and expansion of Rolleston Town Centre. Stage 2 development included the creation of Christensen Parade (from Moore Street heading south), the renovation of the existing community centre car park, the creation of car park 3 to service the new development and the construction of a temporary road while future development continues.

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Lincoln Rd

Lincoln Road Roading & Watermain Renewal Stage 1 (Barrington Street – Moorhouse Avenue

Lincoln Road, Christchurch

The project involved the construction of new bus lanes on Lincoln Road between Moorhouse Avenue and Lincoln/ Barrington/ Whiteleigh intersection as part of Christchurch City Council’s initiative to improve bus journey times between Halswell and the city centre.

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Malvern St Completion

Malvern Street Sewer Renewals Project

Malvern Street, Dunedin

The Dunedin City Council required renewal wastewater works at the base of the road bridge under the Water of the Leith in Malvern Street, Dunedin. This complex project relied on expertise to repair and reinstate the waterways and maintain the natural state and ecology of water in The Leith, an important habitat for aquatic wildlife that also aligns with our purpose, being the only construction group owned by a trust dedicated to the conservation and protection of wildlife and heritage.

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Site prior to asphalting of the southbound lanes

215 Marshlands Road Intersection

Marshlands Road, Christchurch

The 215 Marshlands Road project was for constructing a new traffic signal intersection for a new development next to Homebase on Marshlands Road. This project included the construction of 300m² of roading pavement, 500m of new kerb and channel, various drainage items, traffic signal works, a new watermain connection from the property, and minor earthworks.

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DJI 0182

Matipo Street Rail Crossing Upgrade

Matipo Street, Riccarton, Christchurch

This project included working with KiwiRail Track and signals team to complete the upgrade of the existing Matipo Street Rail Crossing. The crossing was due for repair and needed modifying to tie in with the upgrades completed in the Middleton Switch Yard.

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MCR Rapanui Shag Rock Stage 3A & 3B

Charlesworth Reserve, Christchurch

As part of the Christchurch City Council's Major Cycle Route programme, we have recently completed the Rapanui Shag Rock Stage 3A & 3B, which involved a section of the cycleway from Linwood Avenue to the Charlesworth Reserve.

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Ravensdown Civil Construction Works – Stormwater and Intake Project

Hornby, Christchurch

The Ravensdown Stormwater and Intake project is part of the Ravensdown Fertiliser Cooperative’s Hornby Works. The fertiliser manufacturing facility is located in Hornby, Christchurch.

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66kV Marshland ZS to Belfast ZS

Prestons Road to Blakes Road, Belfast, Christchurch

Isaac Construction were engaged to complete civil works for installation of 3 x 66KV cables between Prestons Substation to Belfast Substation which included trenching, construction of reinforced concrete base, shoring the sides of the trenches with timber, liaising with the electrical contractor for cable lay, backfill with thermal concrete, and reinstatement of trenches.

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Picture 1

Flaxton Fernside Roundabout

Flaxton Road and Fernside Road intersection, Rangiora

Following a fatal crash and several near misses at the busy intersection of Flaxton Road and Fernside Road, the roundabout was designed to improve safety and efficiency for public and private transport. This is deemed to be a high profile project that has impact on all local businesses and most of the commuters in Rangiora.

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