Project overview

Location Canterbury

Scope $18.5M

Date of completion 2022

In 2015 CCC approved thirteen major cycle routes delivered over a seven-year period. A network of Major Cycle Routes is being built connecting suburbs, shopping areas, businesses, and schools. The new cycleways offer safe and direct routes around the city, help to reduce congestion and make our city a greener, healthier place to live.

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The Major Cycle Routes (MCR) programme of works is a CCC led, NZTA endorsed and funded network of cycle routes leading from multiple Christchurch residential suburbs into the Christchurch CBD. These works often involve 3-waters replacements or upgrades, new kerb and channel, footpaths, road shoulder and full road construction, decorative paving, landscaping and street furnishings, intersection reconfiguration including traffic signals and full reconstruction often works with strict stakeholder management requirements.

We successfully delivered the following Mayor Cycle Route Projects:

Separate Packages:

Heathcote Expressway Section 1A and Cumnor Terrace

The Major Cycle Route (MCR) Heathcote Expressway’s purpose was to offer a direct route to a well connected city-wide cycle network and to provide a safe route for all cyclists from Heathcote to the Central City.

Isaac Construction was appointed to build the Heathcote Expressway Major Cycle Route Section 1A from Fitzgerald Avenue along Ferry Road and Wilson Road to Charles Street. Cumnor Terrace was included as a variation to the contract.

This complex project started off on Fitzgerald and Ferry Roads with separate cycle lanes and a much-improved intersection. This project also involved extensive modification of existing drainage including new sumps, v-channels and kerbs with new asphalt footpaths and cycleways. The road shoulder had to be reconstructed to accommodate the new kerb layout and installation of an on-road separated cycleway from Wilson Road to Charles Street.

Quarryman’s Trail – Strickland to Victors

The project involved two major intersection upgrades where roundabouts were converted to signalised intersections. The surface was constructed with 2500m2 of deep lift asphalt. In addition to this, two other signalised crossings were built which totalled 29 new traffic lights and 870m of ducting installed. Other aspects of this project included a further 3,200m2 of shoulder and carriageway work, 4,710m2 of cycleway construction, 4,300m2 of new footpath and residential crossings, 172m of ductile iron water main, 330m of stormwater as well as kerb and channel, landscaping and signage.

There was also approximately 1,100m of power, chorus and Vodafone cables installed underground and connected to the houses between Lyttleton Street and Hoon Hay Road so that the power lines could be taken down.

The traffic management on this site played a huge role in health and safety. We always ensured that there were between three to four Level 2 STMS staff on site, ensuring safety for residents and road users alike.

Northern Line: Harewood Road and Restell Street

Located on Harewood Road and Restell Street, where the railway tracks cross the road, the goal for this project was to upgrade the intersection to make the rail crossing and the road crossing safer for cyclists. It also provided separation between cyclists and cars when travelling on Restell Street.

This work involved reshaping the crossing over the rail track, installing traffic light chambers and ducting. Overall the work included 201m of new kerb and channel, 719 m2 of the shared path and 492 m2 of shoulder construction. There was also a double sump and stormwater pipe installed, an electric security fence and three new streetlights.

This project aimed to improve the safety of the crossing while keeping the businesses and other stakeholders in the area happy. This project finished ahead of programme, on budget and with positive feedback from all the businesses in the area. This project finished in October 2017.

Uni-Cycle Link – Riccarton Bush

The Riccarton Bush Cycleway runs through the stunning Heritage site of the city’s first settlement (historical Deans Homestead, Cottage, and Gardens) and it also runs alongside the Avon River through a significant site to Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri Rūnanga.

The scope indicated a 14-week programme, but we were requested to complete the project within eight weeks. The project was completed within six weeks, and the additional two weeks were used to update the bus stop area on the street side as additional work. The Riccarton House, Christchurch Farmers Market, CCC Senior Arborists, CCC and consultant project staff and the local residents/visitors were singing our praises for the care and consideration we showed, the access routes we maintained and the speed and for the quality of our work. The cycleways project involved upgrading an existing driveway, carpark and pathway through Riccarton Bush. The works included 1100m2 of a new shared cycle and pedestrian pathway, 600m2 of new chip sealed driveway and 350m2 of new Jakmat supported carparks.

The cycleways project involved upgrading two existing major traffic signal intersections, the installation of two new sets of traffic signals, 1,300m of kerb, 400m of cycleway low profile kerb and channel, and the construction of 5,500m2 new cycleway along with the associated stormwater, watermain and carriageway alterations. A roundabout was removed and reconstructed, and three cobbled intersections were completed. A 25m tall communications tower was also installed. The project finished in September 2017.

Little River – Wrights Road to Moorhouse

Isaac was approached to build a section of the Little River Link that connect areas in the South-West to the central city. The new cycleway runs from Moorhouse Avenue through Church Square to Barrington Street. There are cycle crossings over Wrights Road and Lincoln Road where they intersect with the southern motorway.

The scope of works involved the upgrading of two existing traffic signal intersections, the installation of two new sets of new traffic signals, removal and reconstruction of a roundabout, two path railway crossings, 1,500m of new kerb, 400m of new low profile kerb and channel, construction of 5,500m² of new asphalt and block paver cycleway along with associated stormwater drainage and road carriageway alterations.

The works have been adjacent to high-use pedestrian and cyclist areas, so management of them and all local stakeholders has been a significant focus. This has involved a lot of letter drops and safe staged openings of completed sections.


Multiple subcontractors and Isaac work crews undertook these works, all required careful planning and project management. Each of these projects involved considerable liaison and communications with stakeholders including business owners, residents, schools and the public. Isaac’s built excellent working relationship with each of these stakeholders. Each package also required complex Traffic Management Plans (TMP) to be drawn up to deal with motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. These TMPs were amended as the works progressed and for each stage of the project.

Fully comprehensive TMPs including full provision for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and interaction of those were drawn up at the start of each project. Open discussions and site meetings were held regularly with CTOC to discuss all traffic management issues.


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