Project overview

Location Christchurch Airport

Scope $1.5M

Date of completion 2019

In 2018 the CIAL commenced a development known as the Agri Export Precinct. A high profile 2.5-hectare site at the main entrance of the campus and bounded on two sides by main arterial roads. The development, when complete, will include three multi-level office buildings, shared central park space and car parking.

Picture 2 Office Precinct Roading


The office precinct roading and infrastructure services work included the construction of a new road alignment for Robin Mann Place, reconstruction of the existing Ron Guthery Road/Robin Mann intersection and construction of Office Precinct Loop Road and car parking area. This road was being constructed to service the new office development.

As well as road construction which included approximately 3950m2 of new hotmix, we were also responsible for stormwater drainage, which included sumps, manholes, soak pits, pipework, and installation of enviropods in sumps (250m pipe, 4 manholes, 15 sumps, 4 soak pits). A new footpath area of 1280m2, as well as new 650 metres of kerb and channel 650m were constructed. We installed new traffic signals at a 4-way intersection, including ducting, service trenching and draw pits (168m). We removed the existing AC water main (105m) and installed a new water main (130m). On completion, the works also included new road marking and temporary traffic management for the duration of the project, all managed by our in house traffic management team.


As with any construction project, we had our fair share of challenges on this project. Some of the largest barriers to work through included maintaining access for nearby tenants, liaising with adjacent building owners for the best sequence of works and the discovery of redundant services- all of which added to the complexity of the work for us.

Our dedicated project team took the lead and organised and held fortnightly meetings with the vertical contractors to communicate and coordinate upcoming works and how best to manage the impact on the neighbouring sites. This worked exceptionally well all the way throughout the project, and CIAL was very impressed with the collaboration between the various parties.

With limited space, restricted access, and a high volume of site traffic, it was identified early that the coordination and collaboration between the various contractors was key to achieving positive project outcomes. Add to this the passing public and busy roads surrounding the site, the project required careful consideration when programming the works. Despite the additional works found during construction, the programme was only delayed by four weeks – including the postponement of the commissioning of the traffic lights to accommodate the Christmas shut down. This project confirmed that with good communication and collaboration, multiple projects within close proximity resulted in great outcomes.


We were proud to become a finalist in the 2019 CCNZ Westland Canterbury Awards for this project.


CIAL Office Precinct

CIAL Office Precinct

Nicky Leonard, Project Manager – CIAL

Isaac Construction sincerely cares very deeply about the environment. This is evident in the management of their sites. The location of the airport required additional protection of our groundwater, and Isaac embraced our requirements. The Isaac team members all have pride in their work, especially evident in the quality of the works at the end of the project. They are constantly considering what is best for the client and asset team and are confident enough to challenge the design if a better solution is available. This is always done without compromising the quality of the product.

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