Kilmore Street Reconstruction

The Kilmore Street Reconstruction involved a complete street upgrade from Colombo Street through to Durham Street North and a part upgrade of the 5 way intersection where Kilmore meets Durham North. This section of the Kilmore Street upgrade was overlapped with the final stages of the Christchurch Town Hall rebuild, which was a long anticipated 3 yearlong project, both projects coming within a month of each other to share a completion date of early 2019. Due to the two projects having to share workspace with scope intersecting, we worked with GHD and CCC to modify the construction programme to ensure that both projects could be completed on time, especially the re-opening of the town hall which could not change. This added a large amount of extra political pressure to bring the project in on-time whilst having no incidents or remedial works which would be subject to the political eye. The Isaac team had to find ways to achieve these project specific objectives whilst working in the same space with a large number of contractors working in and around the town hall. The team worked countless late nights, weekends and night shifts to accelerate the programme wherever possible, which resulted in an early completion of the project with minimal impact on the town hall programme and a very happy Christchurch City Council.