Quaifes / Murphys Constructed Wetlands

This wetlands project consisted of earthworks, drainage, precast concrete (outlet structures and stepping stones), timber boardwalks and landscaping of a 7ha area designed to become a public amenity.  The works included:

  • Demolition of existing farm buildings & structures
  • Remediation of a lead contaminated hot spot
  • 60 metres of timber boardwalk crossing live waterways and springs
  • 1600 metres of footpath and vehicle access track
  • De-watering
  • Tree removal & mulching for re-use, 15,000m2 mulch spread to plant beds
  • Planting of 60,000 plants and groundcover/shrubs
  • 3x Concrete outlet structures, 3x concrete weirs & 60 metres of stepping stones
  • Cut to fill earthworks built in and around existing springs and waterways, in total over 70,000m2, built to shallow design grades and contours
  • 400 metres post and cable fence