The CCNZ Canterbury / Westland 2020 Contractor of the Year awards held on the 7th November 2020 recognised the best of the industry, and Isaac Construction’s people and projects were once again recognised as industry leading in several categories.

Isaac Construction won the following awards

Company image award (3rd time Winner)

    Excellence in areas such as; site presentation, staff engagement, client engagement, community engagement, fleet presentation, etc are all taken into account to decide the overall winner.

    This is great recognition of the whole team’s efforts in living our core values to “Promote Isaac positively” and be a “Place where people matter”.

    Jeremy Dixon (CEO) receiving award on behalf of Isaac Construction

    Most Progressive Contractor; Awarded to Isaac / Simcox Construction

    In this award the judges recognised (through their assessment of the Waikawa Marina project entry) the progress Simcox Construction had made in the past year.

    The Judges citation follows; The Waikawa Marina Extension Project demonstrated significant progress had evolved for Simcox Construction since its incorporation into Isaac Construction. In this project, Simcox demonstrated a step up in technical application using extensive quarry capability and construction control and management. The project highlighted to the judges how a strong combined culture had resulted in improved all round capability and quality assurance worthy of wider involvement in the construction industry.

    Sean Walsh (Operations Manager - Simcox) receiving award on behalf of Simcox Construction a division of Isaac Construction

    Kevin Curtis was awarded the Emerging leader Award for 2020

    We have a strong history in this category with several winners and finalists in recent years. The award recognises Kevin’s growth and development as a leader of true ability and potential within the industry and is a reflection of what he, and his teams, have achieved in the projects they have worked on in the last 12 months. Kevin has led many projects over the last 12 months to successful completion, with 2 of the more key projects being; the DCC Portobello Road Seawall and the MCR project currently being constructed.

    His inclusion of his whole team in the planning, execution, and delivery of the project, to build a strong culture of excellence around his projects, is a key to the success they have achieved.

    Congratulations to Kevin on winning this prestigious award.

    Several Isaac Construction / Simcox Construction projects were also finalists

    • Dunedin City Council Portobello Road Seawall – Peninsula Connection

    • Port Marlborough Waikawa Marina – Simcox Construction (a division of Isaac Construction)

    • North Canterbury NOC - Porters River bridge project

    • Selwyn District Council - Rolleston Town Centre upgrade

    Congratulations to the teams involved on these projects and for all staff across the entire business who contributed to our wider success in being recognised as industry leading in several categories. This is a recognition of you all your continued efforts, passion, and drive, to make our company a great place to be part of.