The CCNZ Canterbury / Westland 2021 Excellence awards were held digitally on the 8th of April 2022. These awards recognise the best of the industry, and Isaac Construction’s people and projects were once again recognised as industry leaders in several categories.

CCNZ Awards

Isaac Construction won the following awards



We are so proud of Tom being this year’s winner. He has developed & introduced some ideas, which has brought his company recognition, with improved efficiency.

Leadership happens when people choose to behave in ways that make them effective in guiding others and they consistently demonstrate the behaviours that others seek from those they will follow. The 5 finalists this year, all demonstrated behaviours, which defines them as leaders at their respective companies. They unite others and help them see new possibilities. They have major aspirations and a hunger for professional development. We have a great selection of problem solvers, motivators, with the people skills to inspire & influence the staff around them. They are well travelled and have benefitted from the experience gained from working overseas. It was inspiring to see the passion & enthusiasm of all these guys to deliver successful projects and the support from their respective companies.

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."-Steve Jobs

WINNER - CATEGORY A - LIDDELL CONTRACTING for Crooked River Bridge Strengthening

Category A Liddell

What started as an investigation into bridge structural integrity turned into an urgent structural strengthening.

In partnership with a structural engineer, Liddell Contracting installed and underpinned new abutments, scour proofed piers and repaired and strengthened pier caps, deck bracing and holding down bolts on the Crooked River Bridge on a key Council road near Lake Brunner. The work was complex and challenging but was delivered quickly with minimal road closure and excellent value for money.

Congratulations to the teams involved on these projects and for all staff across the entire business who contributed to our wider success in being recognised as industry leading in several categories. This is a recognition of you all your continued efforts, passion, and drive, to make our company a great place to be part of.