Sponsoring the Highlanders has yet again allowed us to get involved with NZ Rugby’s Rip Rugby initiative. Rip rugby is slightly different from the traditional game, with a faster pace and better- aligned rules for kids between 5 and 8.

This year Isaac Construction sponsors player visits and Rip Rugby training at schools around Dunedin. This kind of community engagement has got to be one of the most rewarding to witness. When the players arrive, the kids just fizz! It is incredibly special to be involved with and aligns well with Isaac’s core values.

The skill and enthusiasm shown by the students when given a chance to play with or against their favourite players are pretty remarkable. By the end of each visit, during the crowd favourite “Rob the Nest”, it’s often the players cheering just as hard for the kids as the kids do for the team when they first arrive.

Many thanks to Katie Smith, Connor Burrows and the team, for organising the school visit programme and allowing us to be part of the magic.