On Thursday, 17th September 2020 Isaac Construction held their annual Isaac Excellence Awards. This is a ceremony to acknowledge our staff who go over and above their day to day responsibilities.

Staff were nominated by their peers and colleagues for the following awards:

Category - Core Value: Fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay:

  • Jason Hidago – Overall Winner
  • Bailey Roberts
  • Nakita Bryce
  • Sebastian Crawley

Category - Core Value: To get everyone home safely each night:

  • Missy Te Ture – Overall Winner
  • Adam Waite
  • Paul Leveridge
  • Peter Swan

Category - Core Value: Promote Isaac positively:

  • Danny Cruz – Overall Winner
  • Dan Elliot
  • Jake MacGregor
  • Wayne Bampton

Category - Core Value: Do it right the first time:

  • Ramon Alvendia – Overall Winner
  • Drew Hartley
  • Dylan Butcher
  • Tim Bates

Category - Core Value: A place where people matter:

  • Toby Donaldson – Overall Winner
  • Danny Wilson
  • Lisa Jackson
  • Shanea Fox

Category – Team of the year:

  • Rolleston Town Upgrade Team – Overall Winner
  • CNC Team
  • Tenders Team
  • Workshop Team

Category – Project of the year:

  • DCC Peninsula Connection 7 – Overall Winner
  • Mingha Bluff
  • Rolleston Town Upgrade

Category – Special recognitions:

Nathan Perring and Shane Columbus for completing their National Certificate in Quarry Management Level 4. Normally this qualification takes 12 months to complete, but they both decided to seize the opportunity and complete the course during the lockdown period in record time of 5 weeks.

Chris Forde and Jake MacGregor taking lead in one of our biggest and most complex projects, the Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream (CNC) Project.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners. Keep up the good work!