Having produced over one million tonnes of asphalt over the 20 years at our current asphalt plant, it’s time to build on our experience and optimise production with a brand new asphalt plant.

The technological advantages of this new plant will result in a reduction of CO₂ emissions, energy savings and sustainable material solutions, providing the Isaac Group the opportunity to develop and offer more products into the market.

We achieved a major milestone this week with the completion of the main plant foundation. Thanks to ReoFab who supplied and installed over 30 tonnes of steel reinforcement and Allied Concrete for supplying 318m³ of their innovative carbon reducing ecrete, providing a 30% carbon reduction over standard concrete. Thanks to our colleagues from Liddell Contracting for their construction expertise and support in the construction of the foundations.

Having the foresight to invest in this larger new plant will increase production by up to 200%. It will also enable us to produce a wider range of materials whist improving efficiencies, providing Isaac Group the opportunity to develop and offer more sustainable products into the market. We look forward to the arrival of our new Marini asphalt plant and completing the installation over the coming months.