CIAL Dakota Park Subdivision Stages 1 and 3

Construction of a new industrial subdivision on an 80-hectare greenfield site situated on Russley Road, State Highway 1 for Christchurch International Airport Ltd (CIAL).  Works included earthworks using some engineered fill for roading and lot contouring, stormwater, sewer and high-pressure water reticulation, soakholes and associated structures, kerb & channel (with vehicle cutdowns), footpaths and berms, road construction, trenching & ducting for power and communication services, and finishing with soft landscaping.

Isaac Construction completed site set out and laid 2570m2 of AC16 (50mm) which was primed with a G6 coat. 

A strong partnering style relationship was built with CIAL and the Consultant (DLS) to construct the subdivision in a logical manner and to a high standard.  A healthy and safe environment was maintained through both stages, with no serious accidents or incidents over the total 32,000 man hours expended.  Stage 3 was completed on time to an extended end date in mid-June because of record breaking wet weather & flooding.  Both the client and engineer were happy with the finished project.