CIAL Domestic Jet Ground Power

This project included the construction of a new Electrical Substation & associated Service Trenches for ground power supply to the aircraft which reduces fuel consumption while parked at an aircraft stand (also has Environmental benefits reduced fuel emissions).

The substation building was approximately 50m2 and consisted of insitu concrete & block wall foundations, reinforced and suspended concrete floor, with aluminium insulated wall panel cladding and aluminium roofing. Internal walls were lined with double layer of plaster board (for fire proofing) and fire rated. All the building works were constructed by Apex Builders Ltd.

Isaac Construction dug the foundation trenches & installed the ducting into the substation.

There was approx. 120m of service trenching, consisting of 100mm dia ducts with concrete bed and surround and metal course pavement layers and finished with 100mm depth of AC 14 heavy duty pavement asphalt. Each trench ran from the substation towards 3 different Aircraft Stands.

Once all the trenching and ducting was completed Isaac Construction coordinated the installation of the HV cables by CIAL’s nominated subcontractor, Connetics. The HV cable was pulled through existing & new ducting installed from the Domestic terminal to the new Substation building (approximately 320m). There were 3 existing sand pits that had to be excavated around the Airport aprons to access the existing ducting for cable pulling purposes. These were later backfilled and hot mixed by Isaac Construction once the HV cables pulled through.

Asphalt pavement works included laying of approximately 200m2 of hotmix – 75mm depth of AC14 & 100mm depth of AC20 both heavy duty asphalt pavements.