CIAL ILS Foundations - Christchurch International Airport

This project was undertaken for Airways Corporation of NZ Ltd at Christchurch International Airport. It involved the construction of new Instrument Landing System (ILS) Foundations at both ends of the Runway and at the 2 Glide Path areas at the west side of the runways together with associated trenching and installation of ducting and draw pits between the various foundations and buildings (red/white chequered buildings) containing the ILS instrumentation.

The new system was being installed as part of an upgrade of the existing ILS at both Christchurch and Auckland Airports. Airways program of works was to install Runway 20 ILS and commission that system and have it up and running. Their actual priority was to install the new ILS at Auckland Airport but they felt there was less risk to commission the Christchurch system first as less flights and hence less risk to their systems.