CIAL Multiple Aircraft Ramp System (MARS) Stand - Civil Works

In August 2016 works were undertaken by Isaac Construction to build a new concrete slab to enable the Airbus A380 Aircraft to park on.

Along with a recently completed runway widening project, this concrete slab and associated services was the final requirement to allow the 600 tonne A380 to land in Christchurch Airport.

The initial works consisted of the demolition and digging out of the existing concrete stand. These works included the break out of 975m2 of the existing concrete pavement being approximately 400mm thick. A new concrete pavement slab of 1,300m2, 450mm thick was laid with dowelled joints which were later sawcut and sealed. There were in total 560m of chamfer saw cuts and flexible sealed joints in the concrete pavement. The pavement was finished with a vibrating screed and curing compound was applied.

Approximately 85m of new ducting was then installed for the electrical services and all of the ducts were encased in concrete with 5 in-situ reinforced concrete draw pits constructed.

The aviation fuel works included the excavation and removal of approximately 10m of the existing fuel line and fuel hydrant.

There was also the excavation and backfill of approximately 15m of trench in order for CIAL’s nominated sub-contractor to install the new fuel line and fuel hydrants.

The asphalt pavement works completed the project which included the milling of approximately 600m2 to a depth of 100mm and the laying of 1,500m2 of asphalt in total.

In total 1,500 tons of concrete were placed, with multiple services pits, ducting and trenches installed with the existing air-bridge foundations removed and new air-bridge foundations installed.