CIAL Office Precinct Roading and Infrastructure Services

This project is an exemplar of Isaac Construction’s ability to work according to CIAL’s requirements and standards, reporting and communication delivering the project on time and on budget.  The Office Precinct Roading and Infrastructure Services work included:

  • Construction of new road alignment for Robin Mann Place and reconstruction of existing Ron Guthery Road/Robin Mann intersection and construction of Office Precinct Loop Road and Carparking area – this road was being constructed to service new office development.  This included approximately 3950m2 of new hotmix in roads
  • Stormwater drainage including, sumps, manholes, soak pits, pipe work and installation of enviropods in sumps – 250m pipe, 4 manholes, 15 sumps, 4 soak pits
  • Construction of new footpath areas – 1280m2
  • Construction of new kerb and channel – 650m
  • Installation of new Traffic Signals – 4-way intersection including ducting and draw pits
  • Installation of service trenching and draw pits – 168m
  • Watermain installation - 130m
  • Removal of existing AC watermain – 105m
  • New road marking
  • Temporary traffic management for the duration of the project