Major Cycle Route (MCR) Unicycle Link Riccarton Bush

The Riccarton Bush Cycleway runs through the stunning Heritage site of the city’s first settlement (historical Deans Homestead, Cottage, and Gardens) and it also runs alongside the Avon River through a significant site to Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri Rūnanga.

The scope would normally indicate a 14 week programme, but we were asked to complete the project in 8 weeks. The project was completed in 6 weeks and the spare 2 weeks were used to update the street side bus stop area as additional work. The Riccarton House, Christchurch Farmers Market, CCC Senior Arborists, CCC and consultant project staff and the local residents/visitors were singing our praises for the care and consideration we showed, the access routes we maintained and the speed and for the quality of our work.The cycleways project involved upgrading an existing driveway, carpark and pathway through Riccarton Bush. This included 1100m2 of new shared cycle and pedestrian pathway, 600m2 of new chip sealed driveway and 350m2 of new Jakmat supported carparks.

The cycleways project involved upgrading two existing major traffic signal intersections, the installation of two new sets of traffic signals, 1,300m of kerb, 400m of cycleway low profile kerb and channel, and the construction of 5,500m2 of new cycleway along with the associated stormwater, watermain and carriageway alterations. A roundabout was removed and reconstructed, and three cobbled intersections were completed. Also, a 25m tall communications tower was installed.