Waimakariri Glentunnel and Rakaia Fish Screen Facilities

The purpose of the project is to prevent the passage of fish from the Waimakariri, Selwyn and Rakaia Rivers into the stock water race system.

The design utilises modular fish screens, walkway and electrical controls so that they are consistent across the District. Construction is intended to be achieved on-site with excavation, lifting and compaction equipment and limited use of site mixed concrete, to simplify construction and reduce time on site. The designs are based on the recently completed Kowai Fish Screen facility and a site visit to this facility is proposed during the tender period, which will provide a clear example of the intended works.

The project offered a good range of characteristics in terms of works involved onsite, such as; earthworks, dewatering, roading, electrical, mechanical, drainage, steelwork structures, timber structures, and concrete precast structures.